iStock_000042719152smallCoaches of Champions are men who agree and commit to play a round a golf once a month with a child from a single parent family.

We will use the game of golf to mentor and foster relationships with children from single parent families.

We will do our best to partner the children with men and women who model the behaviors we desire for the children to exhibit. Background checks will be done to assure we are creating a safe place of trust.

The process of mentoring for SPIRIT is simple and fun. G.O.L.F. with them.

Get involved in their life.
Observe their behavior.
Love them unconditionally.
Father them; stand in the gap.

If you don’t play golf, learn and bring a child from a single parent family to learn with you.

SPIRIT Parents Golf Association
The goal of SPGA is to use the vehicle of golf to drive the development of relationships with single parents and traditionally married couples.

Married couples will be referred to as Coaches of Champions as well. We will do our best to partner SPIRIT parents with married couples who model healthy family relationships.

We encourage married couples to please consider G.O.L.Fing with SPIRIT parents.

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